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Hi! I am V.Venkateswar Patro. I've walked this earth 30 years(13/03/1974). I am from the beautiful coastal state of Orissa - the land of Lord Jagannath and the enthralling Odissi Dance. My father being a government doctor, my childhood was spent in different towns and cities of Orissa like Khalikot, Bhatakumarada, Bhanjanagar, Bolangir and Berhampur. But my native place is Belluguntha which is nearer to Bhanjanagar. During my school and college time I use to spend holidays there. This is the town where the famous hand made "Silver Fish" is made. My happiest moments were spent playing on the silver beach of Gopalpur on Sea and eating spicy sea food  made by my mother. My family is still in Orissa but I moved first to the royal city of Mysore to complete my Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. From there I moved to the cooler climes of Bangalore where I am slowly but surely climbing the Software Ladder to success. And being in this success ladder slowly I have moved to the business capital Mumbai and then to Pune. In middle I travelled to United Kingdom two times on project work. Yes I have also climbed another biggest ladder by marrying to Lavanya. 

My Favourite past time is playing table tennis and cricket, chatting with friends and watching the latest English and Hindi movies. I love to meet new people, so email me at and lets be great friends. 


Contact Address : C/o Dr.V.Nageswar Patro, Pentho Street, Belluguntha, Orissa, India
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