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Mr. V. Venkateswar Patro



-                     To be a contributing factor in the team which meets the technological needs of the present and the future, through constant refinement and innovation.


-                     Six years of experience in software analysis, design and development in the area of web technology,
                Multi tier Applications using distributed computing.

-                     Proficiency in object-oriented programming using JAVA, EJB, Java Servlets, JSP, JDBC, Swing, HTML,          XML, Visual Basic, and ASP.

-                     Exposure in coordinating onsite and offshore development team.

-                     Proficiency in Server side technologies and exposure to GUI/Web development.



                Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics & Communication, National Institute of Engineering, University of                Mysore in 1997



1)             Completed a 6 months Advance Diploma in Computing from C-DAC, Bangalore, India.

2)                   Attended training for 2 weeks on RMI, Servlets, EJB and XML organized by Blue Star Infotech Ltd., India.

3)                   Attended training for 4 days on Soft skills (Creativity, Listening, Written) organized by Universal Technical Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd. 



-                     An in-depth knowledge of both Java and Microsoft technologies.

-                     Java technologies experience includes Java 2, Java Beans, AWT, Swing, Multithreading, Java Networking,    EJB (Weblogic 5.1), Java Servlets, Java Applet, JSP, JDBC, HTML, Java Script, CSS, XML (SAX and DOM), Java Web Server, Tomcat 4.1, Apache (JRUN) and UML.

-                     Microsoft Technologies experience includes Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, VB Script and COM+ in VB.

-                     The database experience includes MS SQL Server7.0, MS-Access and Oracle 8.1.

-                     The platform experience includes Windows95/NT/2000 & Sun Solaris.

-                     The tool experience includes Oracle Jdeveloper3.1, Visual Interdev, Rational Rose 2000, Dreamweaver,            Microsoft FrontPage, SQL Navigator and Visual Source Safe6.0.



Able to work within a team or individually. As a team member, possess the ability to show enthusiasm and meet the commitments. Individually, capable of handling the task at focus with mere guidance. Able to communicate effectively at all levels so as to present technical issues in a clear and concise manner.



August 2003 to till date                     Mahindra British Telecom Ltd.                                        Sr. Technical Associate

Period                    :               August 2003 – till date

Title                        :               Network Instruction Management Systems (NIMS)

Client                      :               British Telecom – BT Wholesale (UK)

Software                :               EJB, Weblogic 7.0, PL/SQL and Oracle Database

Project Details      :               NIMS is a key BT application, used by over 5,000 BT users across UK and Northern Ireland.  It is the second largest BT application on Unix and Oracle RDBMS and third largest in BT in terms of number of users. NIMS uses a GUI front-end, all the screens are web based and it is one of the largest web based application on Oracle in the UK.

                                                NIMS application has been developed to serve the Core and Access Planning communities of network BT. NIMS is used to Plan, schedule, execute, control and monitor the work related to network infrastructure enhancement and installation. It enables aspects of works planning, logistics control and overall project management to co-ordinate and prioritize at national and task level. It assists in optimizing capital resources, available time and work to meet business requirements

Role                        :               Team Leader

-             System Testing of PPC & eCOM-NIMS-ASC work packages.

-             Co-ordination between Onsite & Offshore team members.

-             Involved in the Environment setup, CAT Co-ordination. 

-             Involved in the development of TCP- ASC module. Basically the Order header and Order details section.

April 2002 to July 2003                    Universal Technical Systems (I) Pvt. Ltd.                       Software Engineer

Period                    :               February 2003– July 2003

Title                        :               SalesNet.

Client                      :               Universal Technical Systems, Rockford (USA)

Project Details      :               SalesNet is an online sales tool for entering, tracking and closing requisitions. It enables faster and accurate response to sales queries thereby reducing support response times. SalesNet also allows searching the resources available within the company.

Software                :               Java Beans, JSP, XML, MS SQL Server 2000 and Tomcat 4.1

Role                        :               Team Leader

-             SDLC (Analysis, Design, Coding and Testing) for all the common components in MVC pattern like Model interface, Model Factory and Controller where in, the Model is a Java class, View is a JSP and Controller is a common JSP controlling all the views.

-             SDLC for the reusable components like Connection Pool, DBLayer Component SDLC for Requisition module and Profile module using the Model View Controller pattern.


Period                    :               October 2002– January 2003

Title                        :               UTS Website (

Client                      :               Universal Technical Systems, Rockford (USA)

Project Details      :               The Corporate people wanted to use the best technology in providing new Customer relationship modules like Product catalog, Shopping Cart, Order Processing and Credit Card. The Credit Card validation has been implemented by using AIM (Advanced Integration Method) through a third party vendor. The support or sales people can also place an order for a customer and can do the order processing through our strong Administrator module. Also he can track, edit and view the order processing, purchase history, expired licensing history etc.

Software                :               ASP, SQL Server 2000, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, DHTML, and CSS

Role                        :               Team Leader

-             Involved in full Life Cycle of the Project, i.e. Requirement, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.

-             Coordination with the Onsite Project Leader regularly.

-             Involved in Design, Development and Testing of different modules like Product Category, Shopping Cart, Credit Card.


Period                    :               April 2002– September 2002

Title                        :               Integrate Gear Software (IGS)

Client                      :               Universal Technical Systems, Rockford (USA).

Project Details      :               The UTS gear design software suite includes two expert system programs and more than 75 TK Solver models. Design models in the set include external spur and helical gears, internal gears, worm gears, plastics and powdered metals, noise and cost reduction, life and capacity, and tool design and selection, to name just a few.

Software                :               Visual Basic 6.0, Active-X, TK Solver 4.0 and MS-Access

Role                        :               Team Leader

-             Involved in full Life Cycle of the Project, i.e. Requirement, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.

-             Coordination with the Onsite Project Leader regularly.

-             Developed & Tested few TK Solver model interfaces.


September 2001 to February 2002  Webfix IT Ltd., UK                              Analyst Programmer
September 1998 to August 2001                     Blue Star Infotech Ltd., Mumbai                      Software Engineer

Period                    :               March 2001 – August 2001

Title                        :               Automated Legal Electronic Recovery Tracking System

Client                      :               Arab Malaysia Financial Berhad (AMFB), Malaysia.

Project Details      :               The application Automated Legal Electronic Recovery Tracking System (ALERT) is banking application and developed for AMFB. AMFB is one of the leading organizations in Malaysia basically into Banking, Insurance, Refineries and Processing Industries.  ALERT has three products Hire Purchase (Hp), Retail banking (Rb) and Credit Card (Cc). The purpose of this application is to make AMFB activities simple and efficient by making them web enabled.

Software                :               ASP, COM+ in VB, ADSI, Java Script, VB Script, HTML, DHTML, CSS, IIS5.0, MSSQL Server7.0, Macromedia Dearmweaver3.0, Windows 2000

Role                        :               Module Leader handling a four-member team.

-             Involved in full Life Cycle of the Project, i.e. Requirement, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing.

-             Identifying the processes, Actors, Use cases for Instruction Module

-             Developing the System Requirement Specifications (SRS) for Instruction Module

-             Generating the High Level and Low Level Design documents for Instruction Module

-             Developed the Stored Procedures and Components for the Instruction Module


Period                    :               December 2000 – February 2001

Title                        :               Performance Appraisal Rewarding System

Project Details      :               The Performance Appraisal Rewarding System (PARS) is a web-based system deployable on the company Intranet. This system helps an organization to keep track of employee’s performance records over customizable periods. The main objective of this system is the interaction of the managers and the employees of the organization in a very concise and productive manner. Employee or the manager can view the appraisal records at any moment on the Web, which reduces the paper storage and paper work. It is an N -tier architecture, which uses JSPs, Servlets (Controller), and EJB

Software                :               JSP, Servlets, Java Beans, EJB (Weblogic 5.1), and MS SQL Server

Role                        :               Team Member

-             Prepared the System Requirement Specification.

-             Implementation of business layer and presentation layer for Appraisal Form Module.

-             Coding and testing


Period                    :               September 2000– November 2000

Title                        :               Blue Star Corporate Profile

Client                      :               Blue Star Ltd.

Project Details      :               The Blue Star Corporate Profile wanted to use best technology in providing new Customer relationship modules like Online complaint logging, online shopping etc. Through the system’s Tax management module, the customer can view the effective price of any product as per the customer’s location. The support people can track, edit and view the complaint history and also manage those complaints.

Software                :               Java Servlets, Java Beans, SQL Server and Java Web Server.

Role                        :               Team Member

-             Designing the classes required for the application.

-             Implementing the Connection pooling. The modules like Session Management, Login, Sending emails, Complaint History, Tax management.


Period                    :               May 2000 to August 2000

Title                        :               Image Mail

Client                      :               FLG&P, USA

Project Details      :               I-Mail is an application that is designed for the use of all the subscribers of the law firms that are registered with Guavaware. The purpose of this application is to maintain and retrieve the documents that are distributed via Guavaware Desktop Application.  The different modules that are viewing the I-mails, sending I-mails to other subscribers, deleting an I-mail, displaying the image and giving authority to other subscribers to view his I-mails.

Software                :               Java Servlets, AS/400 server in DB2.

Role                        :               Team Member & Coordinator

-             Designing the objects required for the application.

-             Implementing the Connection pooling and also the configuration package.

-             The module of sending an I-mail to other subscriber.


Period                    :               May 2000 to August 2000

Title                        :               Guavaware Desktop Application

Client                      :               FLG&P, USA

Project Details      :               Guavaware product is a software package that is designed for all Law firms. Its main objective is to facilitate all Law firms to maintain and retrieve their documents in an organized manner from anywhere in the world.

Software                :               JDK1.2.1 (Swing), AS/400 server in DB2.

Role                        :               Team Member & Coordinator

- Designing, coding and testing the file related and non-file related index modules.

- Coordination with the Onsite Project Leader regularly.


Period                    :               March 2000 to April 2000

Title                        :               Auction Site

Project Details      :               It is a site where the user has to register him with the site and then he can bid as well as place offers to be bid on the site.

Software                :               JSP, Java Beans with MS SQL Server6.0.

Role                        :               Team Member

-             Designing and coding.

-             Coding the datamodel and also the jsp pages.


Period                    :               December 1999 – February 2000

Title                        :               Web based multilingual word processor

Client                      :               Slangsoft Ltd., Israel

Project Details      :               The application will allow any user with a Java enabled browser and an Internet connection to create, edit, format and save multilingual document in about 40 different languages. It will be available in web-based format using Java applets as well as in standalone application format that can be installed on the user machine.
An adequate security feature has been added using Blowfish cipher and DHKey generation.

Software                :               JDK1.1.8, Applet and Java Servlets

Role                        :               Team Member.

-             Designing, coding & testing of all the GUI components and their event handling.

-             Designing, coding & testing of some intermediate classes for communication between servlet and applet.

-             Working with the module that converts the Lingo text to HTML.


Period                    :               August 1999 – November 1999

Title                        :               Bangalore portal

Project Details      :      is one of the premiere portal sites, which provides all information on the culture, history, events and happenings in Bangalore, the silicon valley of India. This project involved the use of different programming techniques using Java, HTML and Perl.

Software                :               Java, HTML and Perl

Role                        :               Team Member.

-             Gathering the requirements, Analysis, Design, Coding & testing.


Period                    :               March 1999 – July 1999

Title                        :               B2C Online Shopping

Project Details      :               This project is web-enabled B2C application. Which enables the online shopping, Updating of goods and Messaging. This is basically a 3-Tier application, which contains html, Servlets and MSSQL Server. The goal of the project is to maintain the appropriate inventory to satisfy the needs of customers.

Software                :               Java Servlets, HTML and MS SQL Server.

Role                        :               Team Member.

-             Gathering the requirements, Analysis, Design, Coding & testing.

-             Implementation of Inventory and ordering Systems


Period                    :               September 1998 – February 1999

Title                        :               Net Conference

Project Details      :               This is a 2-tier application based on the Client- Server architecture. It allows running more than one concurrent and independent conference on different topics in an organization. Through this conference a user can address all the members, a specific group or a particular person. Net-Conference also facilitates saving a conference, private conversion, and also provides privacy. Keeping a unique identifier for each user does all kind of user validation. The same identifier is used for connecting to other user in the conference. All GUI’s are developed using AWT.

Software                :               Java (AWT, Networking), HTML and OOAD

Role                        :               Team Member.

-             Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design & Testing

-             Coding of “Server Class” which plays a crucial role in connecting different clients


May’97 to November’97                B.E. Project                                               Graduate Student

Title                        :               Implementation of certain 2-D FFT Algorithms and its applications.

Project Details      :               The Software we developed is user friendly and provides graphics representations for easy visual interpretation. We have developed several1-D FFT and also 2-D FFT algorithms. These 2-D FFT algorithms use the efficient 1-D FFT according to the number of input samples. These algorithms are then applied in Data Compression and Image Enhancement.

Software                :               C++

Role                        :               Team Member.

-             Implementation of Algorithms in C++.

-             Testing of raw data available.